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Is EIFS safe to use?

Yes, as long as it is done to manufacturer’s specifications it is not only safe but also energy efficient. EIFS, or what is commonly referred to as Dryvit, are among the most water resistant exterior surfaces you can put on a house. But as with all exterior systems such as brick or siding, EIFS must be correctly installed and properly detailed to perform properly.

Does EIFS fade?

Most colors fade very little due to sun oxidation. However, the darker the color the more it will fade. Most systems are specially formulated with 100% acrylic binder, which gives EIFS superior resistance to fading or yellowing. The systems tend to maintain their original appearance over time. Even if the surface is scratched, the same color appears beneath the scratch.

How much does EIFS cost?

This varies for many reasons. The more square footage, the better the price. Some trim is included at no charge but if there is extensive trim it is additional. The different systems also vary in price. It is very comparable to brick and generally runs from $8 – $10 per square foot to as much as $15 per square foot for projects under 1000 square.feet.

Is EIFS under warranty?

Yes, the warranty depends on the system.

System I
5 years limited material warranty
1 year material and labor warranty on moisture drainage performance

System II
7 years limited material warranty
10 year material and labor warranty on moisture drainage performance

System III
10 years limited material warranty
10 year material and labor warranty on moisture drainage performance

How much maintenance will I have?

General cleaning as needed and inspecting caulk once a year and replacing as needed. For more info on cleaning info click on the tab above labeled “EIFS Info”.

Can I see technical specifications for the products that you use?

All technical specifications for each product are readily available upon request.

I’m building my house myself. Can I install my own EIFS?

No, you must be a certified applicator to purchase materials.

What is the difference between barrier systems and drainage systems?

Barrier systems have a moisture barrier such as a liquid membrane, tar paper or Tyvek (house wrap) between the foam and the substrate while drainage systems have either a drainage mat or a channeled foam (a type of gutter system) between the Tyvek and the EIFS. We use both systems but recommend liquid membrane systems.

Do you repair EIFS?

Yes, we do fast repairs to bring your home up to current manufacturer’s specifications.

What if I have a large structure? Can you clad it?

Yes, and it will have a lot less weight on the structure. With more square footage, the cost per foot will be much less. It will be energy efficient. You will need expansion joints to avoid stress cracks.

Can I get custom colors and textures?

Yes, each manufacturer has an extensive selection of colors and textures and we can also custom match any color.

What else can you do with EIFS?

If you can dream it we can build it. We have laser cornice columns, crown moldings, and unlimited designs on the trim. EIFS can also be used indoors by eliminating the foam and directly applying the finish over drywall or block.