EIFS Sign Panel Repair


If you have recently changed out or need to change out those marque signs on your commercial building, partner with Modern Wall Systems. We specialize in EIFS sign panel repair and restoration. We don’t just caulk the holes – we repair them.

Say goodbye to ugly painted over patches, we match your original texture and color so your storefront looks new again, and work closely with your sign company to coordinate around tight timelines.While there are numerous benefits to EIFS, there is a cosmetic and structural concern when it comes to commercial buildings. Oftentimes when these signs are removed, the EIFS facade is damaged. Not only does this leave the building with an aesthetic problem to fix, but if not repaired correctly can lead to some costly and serious structural issues as well. Due to the nature of how EIFS is composed, damaged EIFS left untreated can quickly lead to water infiltration problems and turn into expensive repairs.


Cleaning: The clean and recoat process combines a thorough pressure washing and surface finishing with a high-performance EIFS coating. Our coatings deliver far more than paint; they actually resist accumulation of dirt, mold and pollutants, preserving your building’s value while enhancing its appearance and reducing maintenance needs. Our coatings are integrally colored with high-quality pigments to complement building additions or to totally transform a structure’s appearance.

EIFS Repair: Cracking and other damage are repaired with a substrate-specific repair product. Often, an additional layer of basecoat with embedded mesh is used to restore the building exterior to its original condition. Our repair products are engineered for most substrates, including EIFS, stucco, concrete and masonry.

After damage is repaired, a high-performance EIFS finish is applied to finish and seal the surface, protecting it from the elements and slowing down natural wear and tear. Now the exterior is resistant to wind-driven rain, UV rays, mold and mildew.

Recladding: For extensive renovations, it often is most efficient to start over with a new cladding.

We offer you options. Instead of extensive repairs, it’s often more efficient to remove all existing cladding and replace with a superior, sustainable upgraded EIFS wall system that’s extremely durable, improves building performance and looks fresh far longer.

When it makes more sense to reclad than repair, a new wall cladding system is the low maintenance, high-performance solution. Modern Wall Systems can also overclad brick, block and stucco walls, dramatically improving curb appeal and extending the life of your building’s exterior.

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